Welcome to the JNow blog. JNow is a blog for anyone looking to learn more about law, practice, study tips, the life of a lawyer, and all things law and lawyer like. JNow is a hub for future lawyers, existing lawyers, and anyone interested in law and its related fields. We will be your legal advice team without the price tag.

The author of this blog is Saul Vannoy and he shares all his knowledge and experience on law, daily life, and many other topics. He has been part of the world of law for over 20 years and has many interesting facts and information nuggets to share. He started this blog to help future lawyers learn more about the life of a lawyer. Studies only take you so far and we all know that what we study is never the same as real-life practice.

JNOw offers a wide variety of resources on everything you may want or need. Not only does it feature in-depth articles about practicing law, it also offers tips, study help, case studies, and much more. This blog is ideal for law students or students who are taking law subjects for extra credits or interest sake. You will find this blog to be one of your most valuable study resources and tutors.

If you are simply interested in learning more about law, you have come to the right place. JNow will give you all the juicy and informative articles that you crave. You will feel like you’re ready to go to court once you’ve followed the blog for a while.

Saul Vannoy is the original author and writes most of the articles and features on this blog. However, he often has guest writers who bring in a nice change of pace with different views on certain topics. The guest writers are often lawyers, students, advocates, or other law-related professionals with years of active practice. The articles these writers add to the blog are amazing and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

JNow aims to educate, inform, guide, and assist anyone who needs or wants extra help with law subjects, practicing law, or understanding real-life. Over the years, the JNow following and community has grown immensely and the best part is that they are all interactive and take part in conversations, debate issues, and offer their own insights. It truly is a great place to learn and see where you stand.

JNow and its founder and main author, Saul Vannoy, welcome you to this blog and invite you to learn, ask questions, take part in conversations, and ask more questions. This blog will be your go-to guide on all things law and law-related. With our help, you will never feel left in the dark again and will have a better understanding of what it means to study law and practice law.

So, get your books, get your smart hat on and get ready for a world of information and guidance you will find nowhere else.

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