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Speak Out Against Sterilization Abuse

You've probably seen the major news story based on Justice Now's research that exposed hundreds of documented instances of sterilization abuse in California prisons in recent years.

And that's created a rare window of opportunity to make change.

Crystal Nguyen
Crystal Nguyen

We can—we must—stop sterilization abuse and women's jails in California. Sign our petition demanding Governor Jerry Brown and legislative leaders to send our loved ones home and let our families have a future.

"Oh my God, that's not right. Do they think they're animals, and they don't want them to breed anymore?" –Crystal Nguyen, who worked in the infirmary while imprisoned at VSPW

"Someone just cut on me and got away with it. If released, I wouldn't be able to have children, give my son a sibling, because some doctor felt like playing god, making my choices for me." –African American woman currently imprisoned at Central California Women's Facility

Click here to watch Kimberly's gripping testimony about her experience giving birth while imprisoned in California, and being pressured to be sterilized right before Cesarian section.

Click here to watch "Sheri" recount her experience being sterilized without her knowledge or consent while imprisoned in California.

woman sorting paperwork

Justice Now submits legislative testimony on March 15, 2012

Learn more about our testimony regarding, overcrowding, illegal sterilizations and other gender responsive abuses in women's prisons.


"We inside cannot vote. We cannot lobby Sacramento.

How many of us will pay with our lives while we wait for relief?"


Women in prison die of medical neglect due to overcrowding, just as do men. The State thinks no one is looking.

Read the Joint Statement Across the Walls of Two Women's Prisons in opposition to overcrowding and prison conversion, and demanding release.

Sign the petition demanding California end overcrowding and release people as promised.



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